2017 Child Support Guidelines
Effective April 1, 2017
All income and expenses must be entered as monthly amounts.
Multiply by 4.33 when income is received weekly. Multiply by 2.17 when income is received bi-weekly.
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- The Obligor is the person ordered to pay support;
- The Obligee receives the support.
Select number of children included in the obligation.
Enter all requested information for both parties.
All income received monthly before taxes.  
Monthly amount of court ordered support paid for children not included above.
If self-employed, enter 50% of the monthly self-employment tax.
Monthly payment amount of any mandatory retirement. Do NOT include any voluntary payments.
Monthly payment of state income tax (if applicable).
Monthly payment for work-related child-care and necessary work-related education and training.
Monthly payment for medical insurance paid on behalf of children included above.

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