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Consumer Complaints

Tel.: (603) 271-3641
Fax: (603) 271-2110

You may submit a complaint electronically if you can provide all supporting documentation in a Word, Excel or PDF format. If your documentation cannot be submitted in these formats, you may download the Complaint FormThis document is a PDF and submit it via US postal service with copies of your documents to the address listed above.

Your complaint will be read and reviewed in the order it was received. A paralegal and an attorney will review your complaint, and you will be notified in writing regarding any assistance we may be able to offer you.

A file number will be assigned to your case. Ordinarily, we review and assign a file number to a complaint within three weeks of receiving it. However, this timetable may vary according to the volume of complaints being processed at any given time. Your patience is appreciated, as the Bureau receives over 3,000 complaints or inquiries and approximately 26,000 phone calls per year.

Possible actions by the Bureau may include referral to the Bureau's voluntary mediation program or referral to another state agency better able to address the subject of your complaint. If we determine that your complaint is not within the Bureau's jurisdiction or is otherwise beyond our ability to assist you, we may recommend that you contact a private attorney or pursue an action in small claims court.

If your case is referred to mediation, please understand that the program is entirely voluntary. Mediation is the act or process of a neutral, unbiased third party intervening between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement or compromise. Neither businesses nor consumers are required to participate in mediation or to accept any resolution arrived at by mediation. However, we have found that mediation is often an effective and satisfactory method of resolving consumer complaints.

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you. Your concerns are important to the Bureau.

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