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Title: Virtual Public Hearing on Air rules, Env-A 101 
Description: A virtual public hearing to accept comments on the readoption with amendments of Env-A 101 and amendments to Env-C 208.06. This readoption of Env-A 101 is a reorganization of the definitions for the Air Program. Specifically, the existing rules contain definitions for terms used throughout subtitle Env-A. Pursuant to RSA 541-A, definitions have not expired since 1995; since then new definitions have been added all in Part Env-A 101, resulting in more than half of the 200+ definitions having 3-digit section numbers and in existing definitions being repeatedly renumbered. Three-digit section numbers are both contrary to the Drafting and Procedure Manual for Administrative Rules and potentially confusing to users of the rules. The rules are proposed to be readopted with amendments in order to split the 200+ definitions into several parts so that no section has a 3 digit section number and to accommodate future additions without extensive renumbering. As part of this effort, certain definitions will be clarified and existing Env-A 103.01 - Env-A 103.05 (relative to claims of confidentiality) will be repealed as they are no longer needed because the subject is covered by Env-C 208. 
Date(s): Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Time(s): 10:00 - 10:30 AM
Event type: Public Hearing 
Location: Call 1-415-655-0001; access code: 126 907 4596
Audience: All interested members of the public 
Contact name: Karla McManus 
Contact title: Planning and Rules Manager, Air Division 
Contact email: 
Contact phone: (603) 271-6854
Sponsor: Air Division 
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