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Title: Public Comment Period and Hearing - NCES Application for Solid Waste Landfill Expansion 
Description: North Country Environmental Services, Inc. (NCES) submitted an application for expansion of the NCES landfill located in Bethlehem, NH. The public comment period is open. In addition, NHDES has scheduled a public hearing to receive comments on the application. To safeguard public health, all persons are encouraged to participate in the hearing remotely (online or by telephone). NHDES is also providing a remote access location in Bethlehem. See the notice for additional details (linked below). 
Date(s): 7/24/2020 - 9/8/2020
Event type: Public Comment Period 
WebSite: http://www4.des.state.nh.us/IISProxy/IISProxy.dll?ContentId=4860816
Location: Remote Access
Contact name: Jaime Colby 
Contact email: jaime.colby@des.nh.gov 
Contact phone: (603) 271-5185
Sponsor: NHDES Waste Management Division 
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