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Business One Stop is designed to help businesses identify what they need to know to work with state agencies to run a successful business in New Hampshire. It is almost impossible for a small business owner to know which agency has oversight over the myriad of areas in which the business must be compliant to operate in this state. The Business One Stop portal puts the information together so the State is presenting a single face to our customers. Visit our "What is Business One Stop" webpage for more information.

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A form may be searched for by Agency, Form Name, or keyword. To do a keyword search, the word entered should reference the name of the form. In addition to links to the form, you will also find additional information, such as, who to contact if you have questions.

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Question Search

To search by a keyword, enter a keyword from 3 to 50 characters. Valid characters are letters, numbers, dash, period, comma and space.

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Use the Questionnaire Wizard to guide you through various scenarios to identify what steps you need to take to accomplish particular tasks.

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Disclaimer: Business One Stop’s content, including its descriptions, links, resources and related data, is based upon information provided by numerous state departments and agencies. New requirements or unanticipated changes to laws and rules, features of the project, the size and scope of the project, or other factors may change the underlying information upon which the To Do List is based. Therefore, this list should serve as a reference document only and any information contained herein should be confirmed with agency staff as the project proceeds.